Are you a content creator looking to get the best support for your content and trying to choose between Patreon vs Vimeo?

Well you are in luck!

Patreon and Vimeo are two most popular platforms that offer ways to monetize your content and you can also use their membership feature.

patreon vs vimeo

But is it important to find the exact match for you?

Let’s find out quickly!

Vimeo vs Patreon: Quick Overview

patreon user interface
patreon user interface
vimeo user interface
vimeo user interface

First up, Patreon.

This platform is perfect for creators who want to build a loyal fanbase and grow it.

You can offer exclusive content to your subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee with Patreon.

It is like a VIP club but for your content. Patreon also takes care of all the payment processing and membership management so that you can focus on creating awesome stuff.


On the other hand, Vimeo is primarily a video hosting platform. But don’t let that fool you – Vimeo has some useful monetization tools for your needs.

You can sell your videos directly to viewers, offer pay-per-view rentals or create a subscription-based channel. Plus, Vimeo has a huge community of filmmakers, animators and other video creators. Therefore you will be in good company vimeo.

How to Choose Mine?

So which platform should you choose? The right answer is that it depends on what you want to achieve as a creator.

Patreon is your go-to if you are working to achieve all about building a community and generating recurring revenue.

But if you are more interested in selling your videos directly to viewers or offering rentals, Vimeo is the better choice.

Patreon vs Vimeo: Further Break Down!

Let me break it down even further.


Patreon is super easy to use and perfect for creators who want to offer ongoing content to their fans and connect with them through different ways.

You can set up your page in minutes and start generating revenue right away.

Patreon Features

You will also see that Patreon has a ton of features to help you engage with your subscribers like polls, discussion boards and even live streams.


But what about Vimeo?

Well! It is true that Vimeo requires a bit more work to set up but the payoff can be huge and more satisfying in terms of video content.

You have more control over how you monetize your videos and you can even set your own prices.

Vimeo Features

Vimeo has some seriously cool features, like customizable video players and the ability to sell digital downloads.

Patreon vs Vimeo: Stats Breakdown

Let’s break down some stats. As of 2023, Patreon has more than 250,000 active creators and more than 7 million active patrons. That is a lot of people supporting independent creators.


Vimeo has more than 175 million registered members worldwide and hosts over 1 billion videos. That’s a massive audience for your content.


  • Both platforms allow creators to monetize their content.
  • Both offer tools for creators to connect with their audiences.
  • Both have large and active communities of users.



Membership program for exclusive content, geared towards building a fanbase, payment processing provided.


 Video hosting platform with multiple monetization options, better suited for selling content directly to viewers, creators set their own prices and collect payments.

Patreon vs Vimeo: Pros and Cons

Patreon Pros

  • Provides a steady stream of income through monthly subscriptions.
  • Offers a way to build a loyal fanbase and community around your work.
  • Offers tools for creators to connect with their audience.

Patreon Cons

  • Takes a 5-12% cut of earnings, in addition to payment processing fees.
  • May require consistent content creation to keep subscribers engaged.
  • May not be ideal for one-time or individual projects.

Vimeo Pros

  • Offers a variety of monetization options like pay-per-view rentals and subscription-based channels.
  • Allows creators to set their own prices and collect payments directly from viewers.
  • Offers advanced analytics and customization options.

Vimeo Cons

  • May require more work to promote and market content to reach a wider audience.
  • Takes a 10-15% cut of earnings from video sales.
  • Lacks some of the community-building features of Patreon.


Let’s discuss some frequently asked queries!

Can I use both Patreon and Vimeo to monetize my content?

Yes, many creators use both platforms in different ways like building a fanbase on Patreon and selling one-time video rentals on Vimeo.

Are there any content restrictions on Patreon and Vimeo?

Yes, both platforms have guidelines. Patreon prohibits adult content and hate speech, while Vimeo prohibits illegal, defamatory or infringing content. Review guidelines before posting.

Last Wording

It is essential to keep in mind that the selection of either Patreon or Vimeo falls to your unique tastes as a creator.

Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but they both provide unique options to monetize your content.

So why not try both and find which one works the best for you? I recommend you do additional research on that!

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