I know that most of the people would think that there is no sense and relation with this comparison! I will say that you are right but stop and listen to me once!

patreon vs medium membership comparison

Both are membership platforms in a sense that they are relatable. 😊

Are you a creator looking to monetize your content?

It is confirmed that you want a basic understanding and probably weighing the pros and cons of Patreon vs Medium. Both platforms have their unique benefits.

But it is necessary to understand for you which one is more useful. It is important to understand what each one can do for you.

patreon user interface
patreon user interface
medium membership user interface
medium membership user interface


Let’s start with Patreon. This platform allows creators to earn recurring revenue from their supporters.

You have an opportunity here with Patreon! You can set up tiers of rewards for your patrons like exclusive content, early access or even personalised shoutouts.

You must be sure that it is working for others and Patreon creators earned over $2 billion dollars collectively.

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Problem with Patreon

But Patreon has a problem. I think this is the main barrier to enter and succeed on this platform.

This problem is that you need a dedicated fan base who wants to support you on a monthly basis. And you would be very sure about it that this can take time and effort to build.

It is difficult to work on patreon if you are a beginner and do not have an audience.

Because you would need to work consistently and create content. Creation is not sufficient but it should be valuable enough to keep your patrons coming back.

The super amazing thing is Patreon is not weak still. The reason is simple. If you have a good amount of audience that wants to support you, patreon is best and one of leading platforms.

It was not enough because I still discussed with you a single platform and the other is remaining!

So let’s move forward toward the second one!


On the other hand, Medium is a platform where you can publish your writing and reach a wider audience related to your specific niche.

When we talk about niche then Medium has more than 170 million readers. Therefore, a lot of potential for exposure.

It is also a plus point that you don’t need a pre-existing fanbase to get started.

The thing you need is your writing should be good enough so that it can get recommended to readers through Medium’s algorithms.

Problem with Medium

But there is a problem here too.

Medium operates on a pay-per-click model so you will need to consistently create content that’s engaging enough to keep readers clicking through.

And while Medium has a Partner Program that pays writers based on engagement, the pay rates can vary widely and may not be sustainable for everyone.

So which platform is right for you?

Patreon could be the place to just go if you have a large fan base and want to monetise your material.

But if you are just beginning out and want to expand your reach, Medium could be a better option.

Features Comparison

Here are 5 features comparison between Patreon and Medium with statistics, in a very concise format:

patreon vs medium-features


  • Patreon: Provides a platform for creators to monetize their content.
  • Medium: A publishing platform for writers to share their content.


  • Patreon: Over 200,000 active creators and 7 million active patrons as of 2021.
  • Medium: Over 120 million monthly active users as of 2021.

Payment Model

  • Patreon: Creators earn money through recurring payments or one-time donations.
  • Medium: Writers are paid based on the number of claps or views their content receives.


  • Patreon: Takes a 5-12% fee on each transaction, depending on the creator’s pricing tier.
  • Medium: Free to use, but offers a premium subscription service called Medium Membership for $5/month.


  • Patreon: Provides creators with the ability to offer exclusive content to their patrons.
  • Medium: Content published on Medium is publicly available to anyone with an internet connection.

I hope this helps provide a quick and concise comparison between Patreon and Medium’s key features with relevant statistics!

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Patreon

Patreon Pros: Provides a reliable source of income for creators, allows for direct interaction with fans, offers exclusive content to patrons.

Patreon Cons: Takes a percentage of creators’ earnings, can be difficult to attract and retain patrons, requires consistent content creation.

Pros and Cons of Medium

Medium Pros: Offers a large and engaged audience, provides resources for writers to improve their craft, allows for exposure to new readers.

Medium Cons: Offers limited monetization opportunities, rewards algorithm can be unpredictable, requires significant effort to build a following.

Patreon vs Medium: Similarities

  • Both provide a platform for content creators to reach an audience.
  • Both offer opportunities for audience engagement through comments and messages.
  • Both have a significant user base.

Patreon vs Medium: Differences

  • Patreon focuses on monetizing content and provides exclusive benefits to paying fans, while Medium is primarily a publishing platform for writers.
  • Patreon relies on recurring payments or one-time donations, while Medium pays writers based on the number of views or claps their content receives.
  • Patreon charges a fee on transactions, while Medium offers a free basic service and a premium subscription option.

Medium vs Patreon: Comparison Table

Here is a concise and long comparison table between Patreon and Medium,

PurposeProvides a platform for creators to monetize their contentA publishing platform for writers to share their content
MembershipUsers sign up as patrons or fans to support creatorsAnyone can sign up for a free account
Payment modelRecurring payments or one-time donationsWriters are paid based on the number of claps or views their content receives
Content typeSupports various forms of content such as videos, podcasts, and artworkPrimarily for written content such as articles, essays, and stories
Audience engagementProvides exclusive content to patrons and interacts with them through comments and messagesOffers social features such as following other writers, leaving comments, and recommending articles
CommunityFocused on building a community around a particular creator or projectWriters can build their own following on the platform, but Medium does not have an explicit focus on community building
Creator supportProvides resources and tools to help creators grow their audience and monetize their contentOffers resources such as writing prompts and partner programs to help writers improve their craft
CostPatreon takes a 5-12% fee on each transaction, depending on the creator’s pricing tierMedium is free to use, but offers a premium subscription service called Medium Membership
ExclusivityProvides creators with the ability to offer exclusive content to their patronsContent published on Medium is publicly available to anyone with an internet connection
Monetization potentialCan provide a reliable source of income for creators with a dedicated fan baseWriters can earn money from the platform, but it may be more difficult to monetize their content compared to Patreon

I hope this comparison table helps to provide a clear overview of the similarities and differences between Patreon and Medium!

FAQs: Medium vs Patreon

Here are 5 FAQs on Patreon vs Medium and their concise and clear answers,

What is Patreon?

Patreon is the best membership platform that allows creators to get support from their fans or patrons.

What is Medium?

Medium is also the best online publishing platform. Here writers can share their content with all audiences.

How does Patreon differ from Medium?

Patreon is useful for creators to monetize their content while Medium primarily focuses on a platform for writers to publish and share their work.

How do creators get support on Patreon?

Creators on Patreon earn money through recurring payments or donations from their patrons or fans.

How do writers benefit from Medium?

Writers on Medium benefit from the platform’s large and engaged community, which can help them gain exposure and build their audience.

Ultimate Words: Medium vs Patreon

patreon vs medium membership comparison

Or you could use both platforms in tandem – publish your writing on Medium to reach a wider audience and then offer exclusive content or early access to your Patreon supporters as a way to reward their loyalty. Then It would be a very precious and unique idea.

Ultimately the decision of which platform to use will depend on your specific goals as a creator.

And to be honest, I want to draw your focus toward some aspects like understanding the types of content that you write, your target audience, and your monetization approach is very important.

Remember that building an effective business as a creator demands time and effort, so be prepared to work hard to build your audience and give value to your fans.

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