Finding a suitable platform i.e. Patreon vs Locals for membership is very embarrassing sometimes and difficult for oneself analysis!

Patreon vs Locals, finding a suitable platform for membership

Are you tired of constantly struggling for the best membership platform?

Are you finding the best source where you can connect with your fans?

Do you want to build a targeted community in your work?

Then look no further than Patreon and Locals, two of the top crowdfunding and membership platforms for creators.

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patreon user interface
patreon user interface
local user interface is very interactive due to slider
local user interface

In this post, we are going to take a look at the brief comparisons of Patreon vs Locals. It will help you a lot in deciding the right platform.

Crowdfunding: Locals vs Patreon

When we need to know about the crowdfunding comparison of Patreon vs Locals, Patreon has a few more bells and whistles.

With options like recurring payments and charges per creation, creators can make the most out of their content.

In addition, Patreon has built-in integrations with other tools. It helps to make your entire crowdfunding process easy to streamline.

On the other hand, Locals offers a simpler solution with their Tip Jar feature, which allows fans to easily donate to creators.

Additionally, Locals have a lower fee structure which means creators can keep more of their earnings.

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Membership – Who Gets Access?

Membership is where the real value lies in these platforms.

Patreon’s tiered membership model allows creators to offer different levels of access and benefits to their fans.

Plus, with exclusive content and rewards, fans are incentivized to become members.

Locals take a slightly different approach where it offers creators their own private websites within the platform.

This allows for more personalised content and experiences for fans e.g. discussion forums and live events. Building a community is key here, and Locals excel at it.

Platform Features – The Nuts and Bolts

It is easy to track your progress and connect with fans with a larger user base, advanced analytics and reporting and a built-in messaging system.

Plus, their mobile app allows for easy access on the go which is also an amazing thing.

Locals take a different approach which focuses on a more intimate community feel.

You can see that Locals offer you more customization options with lower fees. Here creators have the freedom to create a unique space for their fans.

Plus, the members-only mobile app ensures that fans can access content wherever they are.

Monetization – Show Me the Money

When it comes to monetization, the fee structures for Patreon and Locals are quite different.

Patreon takes a percentage of earnings from 5% to 12% as well as payment processing fees.

But Locals, on the other hand, charge a flat monthly fee with no transaction fees.

Here is pricing comparison table for Patreon vs Locals,

MembershipTiered pricing: 5-12% + feesFlat monthly fee, starting at $1
CrowdfundingTiered pricing: 5-12% + feesTip Jar + lower fees
Payment Fees2.9% + $0.30 per transactionNo transaction fees

Note: Patreon’s pricing varies depending on the creator’s earnings and the payment method used.

Content Ownership – Who Really Owns Your Stuff?

Patreon’s policies state that creators own their content but Patreon has rights to use and promote that content.

Locals, however, have a more creator-friendly policy, with creators owning their content and Locals having no rights to use or promote it without permission.

Locals is more creator-friendly in this way.

Community Guidelines – Playing Nice

Both Patreon and Locals have community guidelines that prohibit hate speech, discrimination and harassment.

However, Locals take a more relaxed approach to adult content that allows it with appropriate warnings and restrictions.

Pros and Cons – The Final Verdict

Both platforms have pros and cons but it is important to find the best suitable choice.

Patreon offers more advanced features and a larger user base while Locals offers a more personalised community feel with lower fees.

It is up to you to decide which one fulfils your goals better and values you as a creator.

Patreon vs Locals: Comparison Table

Here is a brief comparison table!

CrowdfundingRecurring payments, charge per creation, integrationTip Jar, lower fees
MembershipTiers with different access, exclusive contentPrivate website, exclusive content, live events
Platform FeaturesLarge user base, advanced analytics, built-inMore customization options, members-only app
Monetization5-12% fee on earnings, payment processing feesFlat monthly fee, no transaction fees
Content OwnershipCreator owns content, Patreon can use and promoteCreator owns content, Locals can’t use or promote
Community GuidelinesNo hate speech, discrimination, or explicit contentNo hate speech, illegal activity, adult content
Pros and ConsExtensive features, large audience, high feesMore customization, lower fees, smaller audience


  • Both platforms offer crowdfunding and membership models for creators to monetize their content.
  • Both have community guidelines that prohibit certain types of content.
  • Creators own their content on both platforms.


  • Patreon has a larger user base and more extensive features, but charges higher fees.
  • Locals have a more intimate community feel, more customization options, and lower fees, but a smaller audience.


There are two important FAQs about Patreon vs Locals discussed below,

Which platform is better for monetizing my content?

It depends on your content and audience.

Patreon is more suitable for creators with a larger audience and a wide range of content types while Locals is ideal for creators with a smaller, more dedicated audience and a focus on community building.

You should consider the fee structure and features of both platforms to make an informed decision.

How do the community guidelines differ between Patreon and Locals?

Both platforms prohibit hate speech and discrimination but Patreon also has strict rules around explicit content.

Locals allow adult content with appropriate warnings and restrictions. Consider the nature of your content when choosing a platform.

Conclusion – Choose Your Own Adventure

When you are choosing between Patreon and Locals ultimately comes down to your individual needs as a creator.

You must consider your goals, type of content, and which community to build!

With a suitable platform, You can change your life and turn your passion into profit and You also can connect with fans like never before.

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