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kajabi vs kartra

Welcome to the ultimate showdown: Kajabi vs Kartra! As a comparison expert with a keen eye for detail, I've delved into the depths of these two industry giants to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're an online entrepreneur or a seasoned course creator, this guide will empower you to choose the best platform for your success.

Cost Comparison: Kajabi vs Kartra

When it comes to pricing, Kajabi offers a wider range of options, starting from $119 per month. Kartra, on the other hand, has three main plans, with the cheapest starting at $79 per month. However, Kartra's plans include more features than Kajabi's comparable options, so it's important to weigh the value proposition.

Features Comparison: Kajabi vs Kartra

Both platforms boast impressive feature sets. Kajabi excels in course creation, hosting, and marketing automation. Kartra, however, offers a more comprehensive suite, including sales funnels, membership sites, email marketing, and analytics. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, Kartra may be a better choice.

Cost Comparison: Kajabi vs Kartra

When choosing between Kajabi and Kartra, cost is a crucial factor to consider. Let's dive into their pricing plans to help you make an informed decision.

Basic Plans:

  • Kajabi Basic: $149/month, limited to 3 products, 3 landing pages, and 10,000 email contacts.
  • Kartra Starter: $99/month, includes unlimited products, landing pages, and 2,500 email contacts.

Growth Plans:

  • Kajabi Growth: $199/month, allows for 15 products, 15 landing pages, and 25,000 email contacts.
  • Kartra Silver: $299/month, offers unlimited products, landing pages, and email contacts.

Pro Plans:

  • Kajabi Pro: $399/month, provides 100 products, 100 landing pages, 100,000 email contacts, and advanced features.
  • Kartra Gold: $499/month, includes unlimited products, landing pages, email contacts, and additional marketing automation tools.

Annual Savings:

If you plan to use the platform for a year or longer, annual subscriptions offer significant cost savings.

  • Kajabi: Annual subscriptions save 20%, reducing the monthly cost by $29.80.
  • Kartra: Annual subscriptions save 15%, resulting in a monthly savings of $14.85.

By carefully comparing the cost and features of each plan, you can select the platform that aligns with your business needs and budget. Remember, the best platform is the one that empowers you to achieve your online course and membership site goals while fitting your financial needs.

Features Comparison: Kajabi vs Kartra

Course Creation and Management

Kajabi's user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and manage online courses. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can seamlessly add modules, lessons, and quizzes. Kartra also offers robust course creation capabilities, including customizable templates and a range of interactive elements.

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

Kajabi's landing page builder allows for customizable pages optimized for conversions. Its built-in sales funnels guide customers through a seamless buying process. Kartra's landing page editor features A/B testing and advanced analytics for optimizing conversions. Its sales funnels offer advanced features like one-click upsells and abandonment cart recovery.

Email Marketing

Kajabi's email marketing suite includes automated sequences, segmentation, and analytics. Kartra's email marketing features include drag-and-drop campaign creation, split testing, and personalized email sequences. Both platforms offer integrations with popular email marketing providers.

Membership Sites

Kajabi provides secure and interactive membership sites with gated content, discussion forums, and community features. Kartra's membership capabilities include advanced access controls, payment processing, and automated member onboarding.


Kajabi's powerful automation engine allows you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. Kartra offers a wide range of automation options, including email sequences, conditional actions, and SMS triggers.

Ease of Use: Kajabi vs Kartra

User-Friendly Interface

Both Kajabi and Kartra offer user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for even non-tech-savvy users to navigate. However, Kajabi has a slight edge here, with a more intuitive and customizable dashboard.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Both platforms feature drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to easily create and customize your landing pages, courses, and marketing funnels. However, Kartra's drag-and-drop functionality is more robust, with a wider range of templates and widgets.

Learning Curve

Kajabi and Kartra have a relatively low learning curve, but Kajabi's onboarding process is more comprehensive and provides more support for beginners. Kartra, on the other hand, offers a more robust set of features, which may require some additional learning time.

Customer Support

Both platforms offer excellent customer support, with 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support. However, Kajabi's customer support has a reputation for responding quickly and resolving issues efficiently.

Ease of Use Comparison Table

Feature Kajabi Kartra
User-Friendly Interface Slight edge Comparable
Drag-and-Drop Functionality More intuitive More robust
Learning Curve Lower Slightly higher
Customer Support Excellent and responsive Excellent

Marketing Tools: Kajabi vs Kartra

Now let's dive into the marketing tools offered by Kajabi and Kartra.

Email Marketing

Both Kajabi and Kartra provide robust email marketing capabilities. Kajabi's email editor is user-friendly, with predefined templates and drag-and-drop functionality. Kartra, on the other hand, offers advanced features such as Automation with their email marketing.

Landing Pages

Kajabi and Kartra allow you to create high-converting landing pages. Kajabi offers a wide range of customizable landing page templates, while Kartra's landing page builder is known for its flexibility and optimization for conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Kajabi provides basic social media integrations, while Kartra offers more advanced features such as social media scheduling and monitoring. With Kartra, you can manage multiple social media accounts and track your performance in one place.

Sales Funnels: Kajabi vs Kartra

In the realm of online marketing, both Kajabi and Kartra offer robust sales funnel capabilities. Let's delve into their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision.

Funnel Types

Both platforms allow you to create various funnel types, including lead generation, product launch, and evergreen sequences. However, Kartra has an edge with its advanced "funnel stacking" feature, which enables you to combine multiple funnels for more complex sales strategies.

Landing Page Builder

Both Kajabi and Kartra provide user-friendly landing page builders. However, Kartra's builder stands out with its wider range of templates, customizable elements, and built-in A/B testing capabilities.


Kajabi excels in seamless integrations with popular email marketing services (e.g., Mailchimp, ConvertKit) and payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal). Kartra, on the other hand, focuses on an all-in-one approach, offering email marketing, payment processing, and affiliate management within its platform.


  • Kajabi: Starting from $149/month
  • Kartra: Starting from $99/month

Recommended Choice

  • Kajabi: Ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution with strong integrations and a focus on lead generation.
  • Kartra: Suitable for small businesses seeking an all-in-one solution with robust sales funnel capabilities and advanced features like funnel stacking.

Membership Sites: Kajabi vs Kartra

When comparing Kajabi and Kartra for creating membership sites, both platforms offer robust features.


  • Membership Portals: Kajabi's focus on creating visually stunning membership portals allows you to brand and customize your online community seamlessly.


  • Membership Areas: Kartra provides dedicated membership areas where you can host exclusive content, forums, and more, providing a cohesive experience for your members.


  • Content Hosting: Kajabi excels in hosting video content, while Kartra offers flexibility in hosting various content types like PDFs, images, and downloadable resources.
  • Community Building: Kartra has stronger community-building tools, including built-in forums and chat functions, fostering a closer connection among members.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs. Kajabi's intuitive interface and focus on content delivery make it ideal for established brands seeking a polished membership experience. Kartra's comprehensive features and emphasis on community building suit businesses looking to create a more interactive and engaged membership ecosystem.

Automation: Kajabi vs Kartra

Email Marketing Automation

Both Kajabi and Kartra offer robust email marketing automation features. Kajabi's automation allows for targeted email sequences based on user behavior. Kartra's automation goes a step further with advanced capabilities, such as lead scoring and abandoned cart recovery.

Product Launch Automation

Kajabi excels in product launch automation, streamlining the process for course creators. It offers dedicated landing pages, countdown timers, and automated email promotions. Kartra provides similar features but may require more customization for complex launches.

Workflow Automation

Kartra's workflow automation is one of its key strengths. It allows users to create intricate workflows that connect multiple marketing tools, automate tasks, and improve efficiency. Kajabi's workflow automation is more limited, focusing primarily on email sequences.

Comparison Table:

Feature Kajabi Kartra
Email Marketing Targeted sequences Advanced automation, lead scoring
Product Launch Dedicated landing pages, timers Requires customization
Workflow Automation Limited Intricate workflows, task automation

Customer Support: Kajabi vs Kartra

Availability and Response Time

Both Kajabi and Kartra offer 24/7 customer support. However, Kajabi has a slight edge in response time, with users reporting an average response time of under 2 minutes via live chat. Kartra's average response time is around 5 minutes.

Knowledge Base and Resources

Kajabi provides an extensive knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and videos. Kartra also has a knowledge base, but it's not as comprehensive as Kajabi's.

Personalization and Expertise

Kajabi's customer support team is known for being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the platform. Kartra's support team is also helpful, but users have occasionally reported longer wait times and less personalized assistance.


Both Kajabi and Kartra offer reliable customer support, but Kajabi's slightly faster response time, comprehensive knowledge base, and personalized assistance give it a slight edge. Ultimately, the best customer support for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Integration Options: Kajabi vs Kartra

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Both Kajabi and Kartra offer robust integration options to connect with your favorite apps and services.

Kajabi Integrations

  • Marketing: Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
  • E-commerce: Stripe, PayPal

Kartra Integrations

  • Marketing: Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign
  • CRM: Salesforce, Zoho
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
  • E-commerce: Stripe, PayPal, Shopify

Which Platform Wins?

The integration options for both Kajabi and Kartra are impressive. Both platforms allow you to connect with essential business tools, but Kajabi offers a slight edge with its wider range of marketing integrations.

Conclusion: Kajabi vs Kartra – The Final Verdict

After meticulously examining Kajabi and Kartra side-by-side, it's clear that both platforms offer robust online business solutions. While Kartra boasts a comprehensive suite of features, Kajabi excels in user-friendliness and course creation capabilities.

Target Audience

  • Kartra: Ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive marketing automation, email campaigns, and sales funnels.
  • Kajabi: Perfect for creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs prioritizing course hosting, membership sites, and landing page building.

Pricing Comparison

  • Both platforms offer plans tailored to varying needs and budgets. Kajabi's plans start at $149/month, while Kartra's start at $99/month.


  • Marketing Tools: Kartra's advanced marketing automation, A/B testing, and email marketing capabilities give it an edge. However, Kajabi's built-in lead generation and email templates are highly user-friendly.
  • Sales Funnels: Kartra excels in sales funnel creation with advanced rules and triggers. Kajabi provides user-friendly templates and drag-and-drop functionality, making funnel building accessible.
  • Membership Sites: Kajabi's dedicated membership site feature with gated content and community engagement tools is unbeatable. Kartra offers membership site functionality, but it's not as robust.
  • Automation: Kartra's powerful automation features enable you to streamline workflows and save time. Kajabi offers automation capabilities, but they are less extensive than Kartra's.
  • Customer Support: Both platforms provide reliable customer support channels. Kajabi's live chat and phone support are standout features.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific business needs and objectives. Consider your target audience, budget, and the features that are most important to you. By weighing the pros and cons carefully, you can make an informed decision and find the platform that empowers your online success.

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