Kartra and SamCart are two popular e-commerce platforms that offer a variety of features to help businesses sell products and services online. We will compare Kartra vs SamCart here!

kartra vs samcart
kartra vs samcart

When it comes to choosing an all-in-one e-commerce platform, the market is full of options but two popular choices are Kartra and SamCart.

While both platforms offer similar capabilities, they have some key differences that may make one platform more suitable for certain businesses than the other.

We will compare the pricing, features, similarities and differences between Kartra and SamCart to help you decide which one is right for your business needs.

Kartra vs Samcart: Comparison Table for Pricing

Pricing PlansKartraSamCart
Starter Plan$99/month$49/month
Silver Plan$199/month$99/month
Gold Plan$299/month$199/month
Platinum Plan$499/month$399/month

Note: The pricing table is subject to change and may not be up-to-date.

Kartra vs Samcart: Additional Features Comparison

Sales Funnel Builder

Kartra offers a sales funnel builder, which allows businesses to create and manage multiple sales funnels in one place. This feature is not available in SamCart.

Membership Sites

Kartra offers membership site capabilities, which allow businesses to create and manage their own membership sites. This feature is not available in SamCart.

Email Marketing

Kartra offers email marketing capabilities, which allow businesses to create and send email campaigns to their subscribers. This feature is not available in SamCart.


Kartra offers 24/7 support, including live chat, email and phone support. SamCart offers email, live chat and phone support but with limited hours.

Upsell/Downsell Pages

Both Kartra and SamCart offer upsell and downsell pages, which allow businesses to offer additional products or services to customers after they make a purchase.


Kartra offers more customization options for checkout pages while SamCart’s checkout pages are more limited in terms of design options.

Payment Options

SamCart offers more payment options than Kartra, including PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Both platforms offer integration with third-party apps but Kartra has more integrations available than SamCart.

Affiliate Management

Both Kartra and SamCart offer built-in affiliate management systems.

However, Kartra’s affiliate management system is more advanced and provides more features such as tiered commissions, custom tracking links and more.

One-Click Upsells

Both platforms allow for one-click upsells but Kartra’s upsell functionality is more comprehensive, allowing you to set up multiple upsells and downsells in one sequence.

Membership Site Functionality

Kartra offers a full-fledged membership site solution with drip content, course progress tracking and gamification features.

SamCart, on the other hand, has limited membership site functionality and focuses more on e-commerce.

Custom Checkout Pages

SamCart offers more flexibility when it comes to creating custom checkout pages, allowing for more customization and branding options.

Kartra’s checkout pages are still customizable but they are not as flexible as SamCart.

A/B Testing

Both platforms offer A/B testing for their checkout pages but Kartra also provides A/B testing for its marketing campaigns, emails and landing pages.


Both Kartra and SamCart offer integrations with popular third-party tools.

However, Kartra offers a wider range of integrations and has its own built-in email marketing, calendar scheduling and helpdesk solutions.

Kartra vs Samcart: Comparison Table for Features

Sales Funnel BuilderYesNo
Membership SitesYesNo
Affiliate ManagementYesYes
Email MarketingYesNo
Checkout PagesYesYes
A/B TestingYesYes
Upsell/Downsell PagesYesYes
Integration with third-party appsYesYes
Support24/7 Live Chat, Email, PhoneEmail, Live Chat, Phone (limited)


  • Both Kartra and SamCart offer checkout pages and A/B testing capabilities.
  • Both platforms offer affiliate management features.
  • Both platforms offer integration with third-party apps.


  • Kartra offers a sales funnel builder and membership site capabilities while SamCart does not.
  • SamCart offers a lower-priced starter plan than Kartra.
  • Kartra offers 24/7 support while SamCart has limited support options.

Pros and Cons

Kartra Pros

  • Advanced affiliate management system
  • Comprehensive membership site functionality
  • A/B testing for marketing campaigns, emails and landing pages
  • Wide range of integrations

Kartra Cons

  • Checkout pages are not as customizable as SamCart
  • Steeper learning curve due to more extensive features

SamCart Pros

  • More flexible and customizable checkout pages
  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Focuses primarily on e-commerce, making it a better choice for online stores

SamCart Cons

  • Limited membership site functionality
  • Limited A/B testing options
  • Fewer integrations compared to Kartra

Kartra vs Samcart: FAQs

Is Kartra suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Kartra offers a starter plan that is suitable for small businesses. The plan includes basic features that are essential for businesses just starting out.

Does SamCart offer membership site capabilities?

No, SamCart does not offer membership site capabilities. However, it does integrate with third-party membership site platforms.

Closing Lines

Overall, both Kartra and SamCart have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are looking for a comprehensive e-commerce platform that provides affiliate management, membership site functionality, A/B testing and a wide range of integrations, Kartra is the better choice.

On the other hand, if you are mainly focused on e-commerce and want more flexibility when it comes to creating custom checkout pages, SamCart may be the better option.

Whichever platform you choose, you can be confident that both offer valuable features to help you grow your online business.

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